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The Wealthy Writer

How to earn a Six-Figure Income as a Freelance Writer (No Kidding!)

I'll show you how to . . .

  • write for the hottest commercial markets
  • hone your skills to suit specific markets
  • sell yourself to small businesses and large corporations
  • attract new clients
  • promote your business
  • fulfill all of your writing dreams.

"Why spend 20 years discovering the secrets of profitable writing when you can begin learning them in 20 minutes?"

Twenty years as a professional writer. That's what it took me to learn the insider secrets which you can discover in The Wealthy Writer.

All you need is just 20 minutes to read the first couple of chapters ~ and you'll be well on the way to becoming a more prolific, proficient and profitable writer.

That may seem like a bold claim ~ and let's face it, there are plenty of bold claims on the Net ~ but I'm willing to back mine with two offers:

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This FREE sample I'm offering will give you a good idea of what's in store for you in The Wealthy Writer.

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OFFER # 2. I GUARANTEE to improve your writing business . . .

I'm so confident you'll benefit from this book, I'm backing it with a 100% money-back guarantee for two months. That means you haven't got a few days, a week or even a month but a full 60 days to read, appraise and apply these principles in your own writing business. If you're not 100% satisfied, I'll give you back 100% of your money. No questions. No problems. Guaranteed.

I can make this offer because I am confident of the claims I've already made to you. And that's because they work in my business and in many others.

Here's what one writer says about The Wealthy Writer . . .

What a great read!

Having read many PR, advertising and marketing textbooks over the years while studying for my degree, I think I'm qualified to judge this book as being an excellent summary of all of the points I have heard or read and a fascinating source of new ideas.

The conversational writing style makes reading this manual very easy and would make the reader feel this is more advice from a trusted friend rather than a formal set of guidelines.

The ideas are expressed in an engaging and entertaining manner, making this not only a vital learning tool, but also an interesting read in its own right.

This is a great book, not only for its content but how it inspires and motivates every budding writer who has dreams of success.

Csilla Kosa
Writer / Editor
Academia Press
Melbourne, Australia.

The Secret to The Wealthy Writer . . .

I've known a lot of writers over the years. Many have been friends, some I have employed, and others I have hired as freelancers in my own business.

The interesting thing is that, without exception, I am the most successful writer I know working in my own business. I am not bragging, just stating a fact.

Some of these writers I know have worked for the country's biggest and best media organizations, and a select few have written for the most respected publications around the world.

On the surface, it didn't make sense. Many of them had far more talent, experience and expertise than me. But, when I dug a little deeper, I discovered that each of them was missing the essential element of a wealthy writer ~ that of being an entrepreneur.

That's something I didn't understand in my early days. It's something I learned later, and today I am enjoying the benefits in my business.

And so can you!

No doubt, you have all of the skills, experience and ability to be a successful writer. But maybe something is stopping you from making it in your chosen career.

Now all you need are the tools, know-how and the discipline to write what you like, when you like ~ and get paid handsomely for it.

The Wealthy Writer does this for you. It shows you how to establish, market and manage a writing business. It identifies and examines the hottest markets and shows you how to adapt your style and abilities to capitalize on them.

In case you're wondering ... No, I'm not the next Stephen King nor even a Robert Bly.

I'm a writer ~ just like you ~ one who enjoys writing and also enjoys being rewarded for my effort.

Like you, and like everyone in our profession, I started off collecting more rejection slips than clips, and more bills than checks. But then I discovered the first secret to writing success: Diversification.

Instead of limiting myself to writing for newspapers and magazines, I delved into other areas, including public relations, marketing collateral, speech writing, technical papers and manuals, and Web content.

It wasn't long before I discovered the second secret: Writing for businesses.

It doesn't matter if your clients are large corporations or small and medium-sized businesses. Every one of them has a need for your services and, once they discover the benefits of working with you, your skills will be in demand and you'll be in the money. By the way, that's the third secret I share with you in my e-book: successful promotional and marketing of your own business.

Here's what you'll find in The Wealthy Writer . . .


  • Investing in yourself
  • Riding the roller coaster
  • 'Kiss' your business

Chapter 1. Commercial Writing ~ A Freelancer's Dream
  • The benefits of freelance work
  • Your next assignment is just a mouse click away
  • Opportunities in every medium
  • Company advantages in using a freelancer
  • Personal advantages in being a freelancer


Chapter 2. The Right Stuff For Business
  • Evaluate your capabilities and skills
  • Are you ready for business?
  • Building a business begins with solid foundations

Chapter 3. A Business Plan for Success
  • Questions To Ask To Make Your Business Seaworthy
  • Your roadmap to sustained success
  • What you must know before you plan


Chapter 4. Supercharge Your Business with Systems and Procedures
  • Six easy habits for improving efficiency

Chapter 5. Getting the Most Out of Working From Home
  • Tips for turning a spare room into a productive office
  • How to keep your mind on the job

Chapter 6. The Cost of Doing Business
  • Tell them what you're worth
  • Consulting fees: A guideline
  • Fishing for clients: Know which to keep and which to throw back
  • How to make your finances work for you
  • Three simple tips to keep you in the black


Chapter 7. Get Technical and Tap a Growing Market
  • Discover a wealth of opportunities
  • Three ways to crack the market ~ and one way to make real money
  • Which technical job is right for you?
  • Eight steps to technical writing riches
  • Plenty of opportunities for good communicators
  • Case Study: Australia Post adds value with a how-to booklet

Chapter 8. Welcome to a New World: Writing for the Web
  • What Is Content?
  • Breaking Into The Industry
  • Discover Online Wealth In Eight Hot Markets
  • Information And Opportunities Are Everywhere
  • Six Things You Must Do To Satisfy Demanding Web Users
  • What Makes A Good Content Provider?
  • Interact With Your Visitors
  • Establishing Context With Your Readers
  • Twenty Proven Tactics For Writing Successful Web Pages
  • The Winning Formula For Online Reporting
  • The Future Of Direct Response Is Already Here
  • Ten Steps To Empower Your E-Mail
  • Things You Need To Know Before Working In Cyberspace
  • Case Studies: Web Communications That Click

Chapter 9. The Anatomy of an E-Author
  • Two ways to publish online
  • Becoming your own e-publisher
  • Finding the right e-publisher
  • Choosing the best e-book format
  • Pricing for $uccess
  • Eight sure-fire ways to produce a best-seller
  • Join the new wave of publishing
  • Case study: E-books open publishers' doors

Chapter 10. Putting the PR into "Professional Writer"
  • Applying classic techniques in a new world
  • Multiply your income by making news
  • Four types of press releases for all occasions
  • How to write stories that editors print and customers read
  • Things to remember when drafting a press release
  • Take advantage of all communication tools
  • Elements of a media-friendly Web site
  • Learn which stories are newsworthy and which are PR fodder
  • Five steps to building a media database
  • The dos and don'ts of media liaison
  • Timing your release is just as important as writing it
  • Good PR begins and ends with you
  • The future looks bright for PR writers
  • Case studies: There's more than one way to work with the media

Chapter 11. Writing Speeches That Magnetize Audiences
  • Think before you write
  • Five steps to preparing a successful speech
  • How to add impact to any speech
  • Markets for writing speeches
  • Case study: Two ways to get the Telstra message across

Chapter 12. Cracking the Lucrative Corporate Communications Market
  • The newsletter: four hundred years in the making
  • Planning for success
  • What makes a newsletter worth reading?
  • Inject "news" into your newsletter
  • Creating words and pictures by design
  • Tips for producing a professional-looking publication
  • Evaluate for ongoing success
  • What's in a name? Everything!
  • Mining the corporate gold
  • Case studies: Company newsletters that tell and sell

Chapter 13. What You Must Know to Make It in Advertising
  • The formula that works
  • Copywriting rules to live by
  • Are you cut out for advertising?
  • Case study: Labels that sell themselves

Chapter 14. The Direct Mail Dozen: Essential Ingredients for Power Writers
  • Tips for writing memorable and marketable direct mail
  • Direct mail opportunities
  • The final word on direct mail
  • Case Studies: Getting personal with direct mail


Chapter 15. Marketing Your Business
  • Working on your business
  • Developing a nose for business
  • The perfect pitch
  • Web sites for freelance work
  • Putting your skills into practice
  • Maintain a professional image
  • Case Study: Marketing communications for your business
  • Sample: Company Brochure
  • Sample: Phone Script
  • Sample: Company Advertisement

Chapter 16. Dot-Communications: Essentials for Building Your Web Site
  • Eleven steps to launching your site and being a cyber success
  • Stay focused: What's in it for you ~ and your customer

Chapter 17. How to Deliver a Dynamic Presentation
  • How to act like a star of stage and screen
  • Improving your performance
  • Top ten tips for power speeches
  • Handling Q&As
  • After the speech

Chapter 18. Formalize Your Business for Long-Term Success
  • Get it in writing

Chapter 19. The Powerful No-Staffing Secret That Saved My Business
  • You can have your feast and eat it, too
  • The dos and don'ts of outsourcing
  • If it moves, document it
  • Check your workers' work

Chapter 20. Bad Debts: Strategies to Avoid and Redeem Them
  • How to avoid bad debts
  • How to collect bad debts
  • How to handle clients after the debt is resolved


Chapter 21. The Art of Interviewing
  • Tools of the trade
  • Retain good records
  • Preparation and research
  • Getting started
  • Qualities of a successful interviewer
  • Recording and the law
  • E-mail interviews
  • Other electronic interviews
  • Checklist for success

Chapter 22. Strategies for Keeping the Creativity Flowing
  • Trust yourself
  • Know thyself

Chapter 23. Tips, Tricks, and Tactics That Destroy Writer's Block

Chapter 24. Finding the Right Time to Write
  • How to make the time to write

Chapter 25. The Final Word on Writing
  • Balancing your business and personal lives
  • My final say

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Talking personally
  • Talking business
  • Making it happen

  • Glossary
  • Notes
  • Further Reading
  • More Information

As you can see, there's a wealth of information to read and to apply in The Wealthy Writer.

If you're still wondering if The Wealthy Writer is right for you, find out for yourself. Enter your e-mail address and I'll immediately send you the first two chapters free.

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This FREE sample I'm offering will give you a good idea of what's in store for you in The Wealthy Writer.

Think of it as putting a toe in the water. If the temperature is not right, it has cost you nothing. But if it is, you can jump right in by purchasing the whole book and downloading it straight away.

But don't just take my word for it.

Here's what best-selling author and 'e-book Guru' Ken Silver says . . .

Michael ~ Congratulations on a great manual!

It's obvious that your skills as a professional writer and self-employed business man have combined to make this manual a real winner.

Anybody who is seriously thinking about writing for a living should make your manual their first stop. It's written both for the newbie AND the experienced.

I'm particularly impressed with the amount of space you devote to the Internet. It takes a different skill level to succeed here, and you lead your readers right through this new field ~ and tie up all the loose ends too.

What I like most about [the book] is that it is not only a useful working resource, but it is also littered with practical examples. Getting real-life examples is often one of the stumbling blocks for people new to business and writing for profit. But you have managed to bring your own examples into the manual and breathe it full of life.

Ken Silver
Bestselling Author, 'Ebook Secrets'

Here's what fellow writers and the media are saying . . .

"One of the most thorough and down to earth guides to the realities of writing . . . Meanwell's fluid writing and entertaining style is a pleasure for learning the freelance trade . . . easy step-by-step guides . . . packed with dozens of ideas and examples . . . real advice and tips ~ no fluff . . . it covers just about every way I can think of to make a living as a writer . . . the best book about commercial / business writing currently on the market . . ."

The book has been praised around the world ~ both by other bestselling authors as well as working writers and the media. Read what they say.

The Bottom Line ...

I have written all manner of non-fiction, fiction, poetry, even a play. But I made real money when I began producing a variety of corporate communications.

The corporate market is arguably the least tapped and the most profitable market available to writers today. I'll show you how I turned words into a six-figure business that gives me the freedom to write what I like, when I like.

I won't show you the basics of writing. I hope you've learned that already. What I will show you is how to write for specific markets, including technical writing, advertising copywriting, direct mail, public relations and also writing for the Web. I'll also show you how to write winning communications to promote your own business. Something most commercial writers fail to do well.

But that's not all. You will also discover how to organize yourself and your business to ensure you squeeze every ounce of productivity out of each hour and turn them into profitability today and tomorrow.

You'll see what worked for me and, more importantly, how you can apply successful principles in your own business to rocket it to the top.

I wish you every success in becoming an enterprising, wealthy writer!

Warmest regards,
Michael Meanwell, MPRIA, AMAMI, AIMM
The Wealthy Writer (since 1980)

Past / Present Associations:
  • Member - Australian Society of Authors
  • Member - Australian Institute of Management
  • Member - Public Relations Institute of Australia
  • Member - Australian Journalists Association
  • Member - Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance
  • Associate - Australian Marketing Institute

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