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Michael has produced three reference books that are designed to help writers develop a sustainable income from their craft. Click on the links for more information and to purchase:

  • The Wealthy Writer ~ Learn how to capitalize on the lucrative commercial writing market. Available in print and as an e-book, it covers a broad range of topics, from identifying the hottest commercial fields and customizing your writer's style for niche markets to setting up and maintaining a sustainable home-based business. You will also discover how to convert prospects into clients and clients into advocates as well as how to apply proven online and offline marketing techniques. The Wealthy Writer is filled with practical tips, hints and insider strategies for success as well as real client samples and templates you can use in your own business. This special edition PDF e-book comes with a bonus e-book for writers, and can be downloaded instantly for just US$19.97.

  • The Enterprising Writer ~ Michael's first business book for writers. Originally published as an e-book, the print edition addresses most of the topics covered in The Wealthy Writer but adapted specifically for Australian writers. This book is now out of print but limited stocks are available direct from the author for AUD$39.95 (includes postage and handling anywhere in Australia).

  • The Write Advice ~ Explore the world of classic and contemporary writers who discuss the secrets of their profession including their creativity, techniques and passions as well as their greatest fears, triumphs and dreams. You'll gain an insight into your own craft by discovering what hundreds of classic writers like Hemingway, Thoreau and Twain as well as today's scribes including Irving, Updike and King say about the art and act of writing. The Write Advice is more than a book of over 520 literary quotations. It is unique in that it also contains brief biographies on each of the writers featured plus a number of in-depth author profiles and rare photos. Also more than 210 positive affirmations designed to enlighten and motivate today's writers. This PDF e-book can be downloaded instantly for just US$19.97.

Michael's books have attracted interest from both the media and fellow writers. Click on the following links regarding:

  • Media interviews ~ Michael discusses various aspects of commercial writing and how writers can transform a hobby into a profitable business.

  • Reviews ~ The media and other writers have their say.

  • Free Chapters ~ Read the first two chapters of The Wealthy Writer free.

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